BWMCH Annual Gift Fund Donations

“Welcome to the Bryant Woods Montessori Children’s House first Annual Gift Fund. A simple reason for all BWMCH families to make a contribution to the Annual Gift Fund is that tuition alone does not cover all the operating costs of the school’s budget. Alternative support from families like yours will help us make up that difference. In addition to being a non-profit school, BWMCH is also a community. Like all communities, it draws its strength from the support and involvement of its members – each one of us. Your contribution will enable BWMCH provide a great educational environment for the children, maintain quality staff and upgrade classroom materials.

Let us join in stepping forward to support our school and help us by sharing this with family and friends.  Make the statement that we value this community and the unparalleled experience it gives our children.  

BWMCH is Special!  — Join us in keeping it that way!”